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“Out of Our Own Orientation” by DJ FENRIZ

Aw Shit…here is a new a mix by DJ FENRIZ brought to us by our comrade A FIST IN THE FACE OF GOD entitled “Out of Our Own Orientation”! This fucking kills!!! Here is what FENRIZ had to say about the Mix…plus this a FREE DOWNLOAD!

Obviously I went for the jugular immediately here and ferociously mixed a heap of evil ripping tracks together, then a little detour to Trondheim’s bleaker side with the Black Majesty track before I head on off again. But then… there’s the Goatwhore obscure intro thing, and suddenly I’m on a different vibe altogether with three majestic AND intricate longer songs at the end. The transmission concerning Quorthon’s horses on top of the Bölzer outro came to me when I listened to the Bölzer track at work. Now let me rest.
– f e n r i z

1. Occult Burial (Canada) – “Occult Burial” [2013]
2. Abyssous (Germany) – “Burial Sea” [2012]
3. Protector (Germany) – “Apocalyptic Revolution” [1986]
4. Quintessenz (Germany) – “Back to the Cult of the Tyrants” [2013]
5. Alchemyst (Germany) – “Kharon” [2013]
6. Ruins (Germany) – “Chambers of Perversion” [2010]
7. Abysmal Lord (USA) – “Revelation” [2014]
8. Black Majesty (Norway) – “Thus Singeth the Sword of Curse, Key of Truth” [2009]
9. Sabbat (Japan) – “Witch Hammers” [2011]
10. Deathstorm (Austria) – “Awakening of the Dead” [2013]
11. Törr (Czech Republic) – “Exorcist” [1987]
12. Goatvomit (Greece) – Just some awesome intro they have on tape
13. Funereal Presence (USA) – “The Tower” [2014]
14. Bölzer (Switzerland) – “Labyrinthian Graves” [2014]
15. Bathory (Sweden) – The first 10+ bit minutes of the Blood Fire Death LP, you maniacs [1988]

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