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8 Minutes Of Au-Dessus Will Cause…?

Au-Dessus is a band that you may have never heard of, but you really should be aware of them! Why? Because their self-titled released that came out last year on Witch Hour Productions was totally slept on. I could describe what they sound like, but it would not do them justice – listen for yourself, we are streaming their debut below. Also, you can peep a rad video of them performing so that you can witness their power as well. Now for all of those reading this in the EU: Au-Dessus is setting off on a tour starting on Oct. 1st and CVLT Nation happens to be one of the sponsors. Stay for more info about this killer band coming soon…

[youtube id=”PPQjSzMGjrw”]




Oct. 1st – Vienna, Austria with NONEXISTENCE, @Grey Skies Ahead, Gates of Sleep

Oct. 2nd – Leipzig, Germany with @sunnata

Oct. 3rd – Antwerpen, Belgium with sunnata, TBA

Oct. 4th – Lille, France with sunnata

Oct. 5th – Paris, France with Yob, black cobra, sunnata

Oct. 6th – Le Havre, France with Endless Floods, Malemort

Oct. 7th – Chalon-sur-Saône, France

Oct. 8th – Saint Etienne, France with Wormlust, Mannveira, TBA

Oct. 10th – Prague, Czech republic with sunnata
Cross club

Oct. 11th – Warsaw, Poland with TBA

Oct. 12th – Riga, Latvia TBA

Oct. 14th – Helsinki, Finland (Blowup Vol. 2) with Conan, Monolord, Oranssi pazuzu

Dec. 17th – Warsaw, Poland with The True Mayhem, WATAIN

Dec. 18th – Gdansk, Poland with The True Mayhem, WATAIN

Special thanks goes to Dead Pig Entertainment,CVLT Nation, Horns Up, Orange Amplifiers

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