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Black Metal

666% Uncut-Raw Venom Worship:
Daeva’s Pulsing Dark Absorptions Streaming

All hail filth! All hail speed! All hail Daeva and their soon to be released LP Pulsing Dark Absorptions. I won’t front – this band is on some straight Venom worship, but they have mutated their influences into a sound that is all their fucking own! I have been listening to this record on repeat all day. If I didn’t alert all the CVLT Nation readers about this band, I would be doing everyone an injustice! Nuff respect due to 20 Buck Spin for releasing Pulsing Dark Absorptions on Nov. 17th. I want to see Daeva live, because as of today they are now one of my favorite fucking bands – and they might be one of your after you press play! Let the war begin now – Pulsing Dark Absorptions RULES!!!!



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