666% Scathing Black Metal! Premiere Whitewurm/Ominous Hymn Split Tape!

Doing away all of the blind followers around the globe with one foot on the Pope’s throat is what comes to my mind as I listen to the new Whitewurm/Ominous Hymn split tape. Both bands bring their grim game and never let up on the pain! What I like about this project is how they both approach creating music in a different way while still making catchy, hate-filled tunes that will wreck you to your core! We are proud to be streaming the Whitewurm/Ominous Hymn split tape in full below, and you can order it now from Foreign Sounds.






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I love the simple band name “Ominous Hymn”. Not particularly weird or anything…just “ominous” (most hymns are pretty gloomy to me. And preachers. The scariest black metal band in existence to me is Funeral Mist, because he just uses actual recordings of fundamentalist preachers. Terrifying stuff. And they say metalheads are evil.