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Death Metal

666% Primitive Death Metal!
Artifact of Skulls “III: Luciferian Blasphemy”

This morning my homie and CVLT Nation writer Mattia turned me on to Artifact of Skulls, and within a diseased instant I was hooked! This band turns out some of the most vile/primitive/disgusting/raw death metal I have heard so far in 2016. I’m not surprised that Defiled Light is the label putting out this project. I want to own everything that Artifact of Skulls has created, because they are that fucking rad!!! This is the kind of music that inspires me to do what we do here at CVLT Nation. By the time you read this, their III: Luciferian Blasphemy tape will be sold out, but that does not mean you should not share this band with your homies! Artifact of Skulls is a project hailed in the underground as some of the sickest death metal to be released this year, and I hear it – the vocals give me chills. They also have a killer Black Metal vibe that makes them even more fucking interesting. Enough of me talking – press play below so that you can hear the power of Artifact of Skulls III: Luciferian Blasphemy for yourself!


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