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Black Metal

666% Horrific Unhinged Black Metal! Blast THERMOKARST S/T Tape NOW

Super stoked to write about THERMOKARST and their S/T tape. WTF this Black Metal Beast never lets up and I FUCKING LOVE IT!!! Blast their song “ORGANIC LEAN GROUND” and tell me it’s not all that! This band knows how to write some Unreal Morbid Hymns that fucking hit the RAGE SPOT. THERMOKARST are wizards at creating sonic KAOS while still being able to manifest these audio pits of unhinged melody that are delicious to your eardrums. There is not one wack tune on this tape and that’s REAL. I love how they weave in these killer passages of DIRGE into their songs that are super captivating! Press play on their tune “Jesus Pills” and y’all can experience the beautiful tortured madness that is THERMOKARST. Oh yeah, y’all should know that this band is highly addictive, so beware!

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Sentient 112217

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