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Death Metal

6 NEW Bands that will push you wig Back!!!

On the real there is so much good music coming out sometime it’s hard to keep up! Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite new releases  spanning many different genres from blistering hardcore, death metal infused war metal, metallic d-beat and the way to suffering death doom! The bands you will hear below are pushing their genres to the next level and should be recognized as artist that are doing on the next level! These bands in spires us to do want we do! 1.PROTOCOL: Bloodsport…This is UN FUCKING REAL Hardcore and I know this band is going to blow the fuck because PROTOCOL kills it!!!
2. AXXE CRAZY : Pounding Noise…Unholy fuck this record has been on repeat and I do see that changing because  I can not get enough of AXXE CRAZY!
3. IMPLEMENT:.​.​.​THROUGH SCREAMS OF INFERNAL MISERY…This band has epic grooves that keep me coming back for more!!!
4.PIG’S BLOOD: A Flock Slaughtered…What the fuck PIG’S BLOOD are on some elite grim shit with this new record! Stay tuned for a full review!
5.HYENA: S/T….This is the kind of d-beat that will shock your brain into another reality!!!
6.Seraphic Entombment: Quelled (Demo 2019)…Suffocating Death Doom from a young band that people should peep  because they are bring the pain!
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