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Death Metal

11 weapons of sonic hooliganism! listen to STHENO “Wardance” The Full Clip!

WTF!!! STHENO’s new album Wardance that is coming out on Oct 8th via 7 Degrees Records (LP) and Chaos & Hell Productions (CD, MC) is a nondestructive storm of sonic power! Straight up if I was on the front line at a protest I would want this album to be my soundtrack so that I could beat the fuck out of some cops! This record oozes filth while aiming for your jugular and it never lets up, that is a fact! Every song is a raging anthem that is meant to inflect audio torment on the listener. I fucking love the way STHENO’s songs get me hyped. This is why I’m super stoked to share with y’all Wardance in full below.

Wardance is a war soundtrack. Every song is a war scene, this doesn’t mean that we glorifying war but we are using it as a strong motivation to make extreme music like Bolt Thrower, Sodom, Marduk and many bands are doing. So anyway this is our best work its the rise of Stheno beast, really fast, bestial, non stop vomiting our guts out! It’s a Panzer and we are inside bringing the destruction around like a sonic tsunami. Definitely this is not old school stuff neither new school shit… this is 11 weapons of sonic hooliganism! Enjoy and join the Stheno battalion!

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