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10 Questions with Two-piece blast unit, LIVID!

Photo: Myron Fung

Two-piece bands have always been the ultimate display of the “less is more” mindset and when done well, they’re an absolute pleasure to see live. Sadly, it’s 2020. The joyous days of hanging out in various bars, storage units and DIY spaces to watch other humans play fast/heavy music is behind us. For now, all we can do is indulge the bands we love in every way possible. So naturally, I sat down to punish both Jacobs from LIVID about an array of topics. Lucky for you, the Jacobs answered in true power violence hive-mind fashion so this interview won’t clog up your daily doomscrolling. Enjoy.

In light of the recent split tape with Mutilatred, tell me about how you both approach the writing and recording process. 

LIVID: We usually start our by just having a riff or a drum idea. Then we build off of that / sew together a bunch of riffs we’ve both brought to the table. Then once we get all the music written, I usually do the lyrics. Every release we’ve ever put out has been recorded in a single day. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing haha.

Being in a band is both the most rewarding and disappointing thing someone can do with their time. What would you both say is the most overrated aspect of being in a touring hardcore/pv band?

LIVID: The driving sucks ass, but I wouldn’t say it’s overrated. To be honest, we don’t think anything is overrated about being in a pv/hardcore band other than people just trying to party/get fucked up at shows. Otherwise, it’s literally the fucking best.

Jacob(s) Photo: Myron Fung

Simulation time! You’re playing and sleeping at the same house on tour. The show has been over for hours and you both want to sleep but the attendees have no interest in dispersing from the living room area you’ll be sleeping in. What do you do?

LIVID: One word baby. Earplugs. This is the most underrated thing of touring. Literally has saved our asses countless times.

Other than pulling from bands you respect, where do you find yourselves looking for inspiration?

LIVID: Definitely current events. Anything that makes us pissed off or depressed. Everything from things that change the world to just small mishaps in our daily lives.

Best vegan spot in the US?

LIVID: Montclair Vegan in Montclair, New Jersey is our favs. Then again we’ve had so much vegan food over the years, and all of it seems to rip. Especially on the West Coast.

How has the pandemic affected your productivity as a band?

LIVID: We can’t tour, but we’ve been writing. Covid can eat shit.

What was the last show you played before the pandemic and had you known it was gonna be the last one for the foreseeable future what would you have done differently?

LIVID: The last show we played was on my (Drummer Jacob) birthday actually, with a band called Meth. Way back on Jan 31. To be honest, we play every show pretty damn hard. I don’t think we would’ve played any differently.

What is the biggest thing you want people to take away from listening to a Livid release?

LIVID: Get pissed.

Assuming 2021 allows for it, what are your plans?

LIVID: Touring our dicks off. Hopefully releasing some tunes too.

Who are the most underrated bands in the hardcore/punk/pv community that you think people should know about?

LIVID: Mutilatred, Iced, World Peace, Sandxcoffin, Ghidorah, All You Know Is Hell, Pains, Scalp, W/oe, Hacked Up, Blood Stained Concrete, Pig City, Vault Dweller, Imperial Slaughter, etc. So many good bands out there, there’s too many to name.

In case you can’t read here’s a video Via XIBOLTON

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