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Black Metal

夢遊病者’s Insane Psychedelic Black Metal Masterpiece “5772” Now Reissued On Vinyl/CD/Tape!

We couldn’t be more stoked about this news. Last year, 夢遊病者  (AKA Sleepwalker) debuted with a true masterpiece of mind-bending experimental black metal that blew us the fuck away (read the full review/feature HERE), and which is now finally coming for the first time ever on CD/LP, and on tape again!

This mysterious multinational band spread across Japan, Russia and NYC is a true mindfuck. They create absurdly visionary and abstract psychedelic black metal that melts the brain, and which is insanely contaminated – showing a shocking plethora of influences ranging from kraut to noise rock and drone, to raw black metal, to psychedelic, tribal, and avantgarde experimentalism. You could be reminded of anything ranging from Voivod, to Zeni Geva, to Xasthur, to Emperor, Can, Grey Daturas, and John Zorn while listening to this band’s insane formula, and yet you’d still have no fucking idea what just made your mind cave in.

Their shockingly forward thinking debut album, 5772, from last year was self-released on Bandcamp on tape/digital by the band, creating quite a stir and awe in the underground, and the cassettes went sold out in record time. Today Sentient Ruin has teamed up with AnnapurnA from Italy to reissue this incredible debut on vinyl, CD and tape, for the joy of all the freaks out there who enjoy physical copies of the most completely fucked in the head and contaminated black metal thy can get their hands on.

You can now get tapes and US vinyl from Sentient Ruin from their store and Bandcamp, and CDs and EU vinyl from Annapurna from their Bandcamp – and don’t forget to hit play on this monster and let is scramble your synapses!





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