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Vancouver Under Heavy Riffs!

Text and Photos: Colton Bills

On March 24th, Seattle based funeral doom band UN, along with fellow Seattle black metal trio HISSING, came to The Hindenburg for a night of soul-crushing sonic catharsis. Opening were local bands Temple of Abandonment and Nightfucker.

Temple of Abandonment was not a show – it was a ritual. Slow and heavy, it reminded me of all the things I love about doom. The first and only song they played was a half-hour long dirge. The long, winding, hypnotic nature of the music was perfect as the opener. It felt familiar, even though I had never heard it before. I could hear the soul of the music come through; it was heavy, but not in a vulgar or typically “heavy” way. The ritual was aided by an altar in front of the drum set, which included two animal skulls and many candles. It was an astral experience – subtle, yet commanding your attention, it turned and twisted and drew me in with its mystique.


Nightfucker was totally different. The music they played was reflective of the cruelty of the world we live in. It existed as a mirror onto all of our own wounds inflicted by the hellish experience that life can be. If Temple of Abandonment was seeking comfort through their music, then Nightfucker was the counterpart, seeking revenge on the world.


The first time I heard HISSING, I knew they kicked ass. Extremely talented and succinct in their message, they are blackened death metal through and through. Loud, fast and with songs about “dying alone, old and forgotten,” their music will make your guts rumble. I had to take a step back because the music made me feel so ill (in the best way possible). Their set was short but incredibly sweet. I can’t wait to see them again on tour with Sunn O))) later this year.


UN was amazing. The night was bookended by two bands whose music was not confined to a single genre. UN’s dirge resonated with me the most. It was loud and quiet, soft and hard, massive in their scope and refined in execution. The music speaks for itself; you don’t have to listen to soul music to hear the soul in UN. Despite a few minor technical difficulties early in the set, the rest was amazing. Combining elements of black, doom, heavy, and post-metal, these dudes cover all their bases very well and make some amazing music in the process. Lately, I haven’t been as into the heavy stuff as I usually am, but after this show it really reaffirmed my love for the music. Closing the set with the thirteen-and-a-half minute epic album title track, “The Tomb of All Things,” they certainly won me over as a fan.


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