Sickest Hardcore Band… You Will Hear This Week! Timekiller – Bleed Out EP Review + Stream

In the mood for some loud, obnoxiously clamorous crust punk that sports a middle finger so large it casts a shadow over half of South America?

Timekiller, take a bow. The combination of raw, hardcore punk and speed metal rock’n’roll is deliciously palpable, as the Brazilians tear through this EP in under fifteen minutes without a single breather.

From the opening screams of “Burden” through to the forty-five-second mauling of “Time Heals Nothing”, Bleed Out is rough as a badger’s behind and unashamedly merciless. Shredding at level-clipping volumes and overloading the speakers on numerous occasions just for the fun of it, the music surrounds with such unbridled ferociousness that the mental image of emerging from the pit sporting a missing tooth and a maniacal grin is tangible almost to the point of manifesting physical pain.

The ruthlessly lo-fi production is so raw it’s practically mooing, but for a band so unapologetically crass it fits like a glove. It’s somewhat of a shock when a hint of melody appears, with “Stinking In Shit” and “Sick Vision” amplified, Zeke-ified lessons in true rock’n’roll grit; the vocalist’s frenzied screams echoing over the top and ever-dominating the din.

Bleed Out is the riotous sound of a band clearly adept at taking raucous, piss and vinegar crust punk and dousing it with Motorhead’s unstoppable rock’n’roll speed metal charge, all the while registering less than zero on the give-a-fuck-o-meter. If you require any further evidence that Timekiller can, and will, rip your face off, just take a quick look at the album cover. Lovely stuff.



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