Premiering MIDAS FALL “Soveraine”

Scottish duo MIDAS FALL make melancholy gothic melodies that are the perfect counterpart to the raging intensity of the music we usually listen to at the CVLT Nation HQ. They are getting ready to release their fourth album, Evaporate, via Monotreme Records this April, and the pre-orders for this work of ferocious beauty are live right here. Today we’re honored to be sharing the track “Soveraine” off their stunning work, a song that lifts the listener from their mundane state of being, transcending stale reality into a world of mist and luminescence. Read what inspired this track below, and make sure to explore Midas Fall’s earlier offerings while waiting for this audio journey to unfold…

Writing “Soveraine” was like entering new territory for us and a big deviation from our last album. It was born from an improvisation with just cello and vocals but turned into the type of song we had wanted to write for a long time. We wanted to show restraint with the guitars and drums and instead layer in instruments to culminate in a subtle but powerful and atmospheric ending. The song centres around the theme of resentment and trying and failing to let go.




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