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DENY the CROSS “Hospital Ballads”

What the fuck you are about to hear is 33 seconds of real sonic aggression aimed at the non-extistent health care system of America. The country has many of its people tricked into believing that it’s the greatest place on earth, which might be the case for the some, but not for the majority. DENY the CROSS brings it with their new song “Hospital Ballads” from their soon to be released LP Alpha Ghoul via our comrades in radness Tank Crimes. From what I can hear, this band is bringing the ruckus non stop with a message to boot. We are ultra stoked to be premiering their new song below – make sure to pre-order Alpha Ghoul HERE!

Check out these words from Carlos of DENY the CROSS about what inspired this song:

“I’m fortunate enough to have great health care, but I know of friends and family who have had their lives ruined because they couldn’t afford insurance. I also know of people who are supposed to be on more than one medication, but they only take one because the other one(s) is too expensive. This is tragic.”





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