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Black Death

Lose your shit and listen to the new Genocide Shrines “All And/Or Nothing”

What do we have here the new Genocide Shrines track “All And/Or Nothing”! It’s one fourth of the 4 way split between Serpents Athirst / Genocide Shrines / Trepanation / Heresiarch Scorn Coalescence. On this 7 minute soundwave of death this band proves that they are on some next level filth when it comes to creating beastial metal. We are so fucking stoked to be sharing with you the Genocide Shrines track “All And/Or Nothing” below and make sure to pick up this split for Cyclopean Eye Productions that comes out on July 26th!

Tridenterrorcult, vocals of Genocide Shrines states:
“‘ALL AND/OR NOTHING’ is an extension on the subject of Total Death and delves into the void of Shunyaism, loosely described as ‘nothingness’. This ontological focus on the topic of (non)existence derives heavily from Buddhist traditions as detailed in Theravada and Mahayana sects and is a further exploration of the true purpose of the individual.”

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