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Full Circle of Hate: GRIME – “Circle of Molesters” Review + Stream

An enormous and crushing production, huge riffs and an absolutely barbaric delivery have ensured e second triumphant coming of Grime, Italy’s masters of total aural filth. With Circle of Molesters, the Italian sludge bruisers have ensured your inescapable demise by crafting a record that is so heavy, hateful, bleak and bile-drenched that even a simple task like sitting down through its mere thirty eight minutes of aural torment seems like facing the biggest ordeal of your life. With a slow but unrelenting and pummeling crawl, Grime guide you through their wretched visions and incinerated landscape, depicting with riffs a world that is so fucked and botched that you feel complete disgust taking over your entire body. The picture they depict of humanity with their riffs is harrowing. Their music takes the legendary nihilism of Eyehategod and transposes it to a totally new level of violence, exponentially multiplying it into a hellish sonic nightmare that is almost impossible to believe.



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Nothing is spared in these riffs, nothing is left standing, all hope is shattered into a slime bog of omnipotent hateful bitterness. When “Get Immortal” kicks things off after being bled into life by a corroded and blood-freezing intro, you immediately know that Grime haven’t made this record for it to be taken lightly, or for it to be able to pass through the listener with ease. Instead, the record hits you full-frontal, t-boning you in the ribs and crushing your ribcage with a huge barrage of riffs. “Verge of Wrath” brings to mind the hateful and putrid Sabbath-worship that made Grief so (in)famous, unloading on the listener a truly mind-blowing barrage of bluesy and slime-bent downtuned violence. Nothing gets better with “Decay in Hades” and “Sulphurus Veins,” two inhuman discharges of hateful sludge-doom that bring to mind the most glorious moments of Indian and Coffinworm while retaining that classic, unmistakable bluesy deformity that has made Buzzov-en and and Cavity so fucking legendary.

“Accelerating Transition” and “Salvation Come From Below” do absolutely nothing to help loosen the band’s sadistic grip on a helpless listener and just up the dose, reinjecting in your sorry earducts an ulterior load of absolutely frightening and inhuman sludge riffs announced by some of the most broken down, destroyed, bleak and fucked up vocals you will ever hear. Grime, though, have been so keen to leave the best moment of the album at the end, destroying the listener’s skull and dreams right when they thought they had made it through the album alive. “Orgiastic Rite” has some of the best and most merciless riffs on the album, and this colossal bludgeoning and cracking of bones goes on for an interrupted seven minutes of total aural carnage. Grime are beasts. They are fucking butchers in aural form. They are fucking sociopaths when it comes to music, and they are only interested in one thing: TOTAL UNCHALLENGED DISGUST. That said, don’t expect any rules to be changed here or any innovative gimmicks to pop out. This is SLUDGE, in all capital letters, the most proud, pure, and uncontaminated sludge metal album you will hear all year. All guts and no glory, exactly how this shit is supposed to be played. Out now on Italy’s Argento Records.


grime - band 2015

grime - circle LP

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