CVLT Nation Streaming:
SLOWLY WE ROT “Poverty of Existence”

Hold out your hand, I have your ticket to HELL in the form of the new SLOWLY WE ROT album entitled Poverty of Existence! This is music that spits in the face of Christ while burning down his cross at the same time. Over the course of seven tracks, these Belgians pummel us with their diseased brand of audio rage! CVLT Nation has been given the honor of streaming Poverty of Existence in full below!

Pressing is limited to 75 handcrafted pieces, and only done by Skin & Bones Records – available HERE starting the 13th of February and at SLOWLY WE ROT shows.  

Labels contributing on the vinyl release so far are Skin & Bones Records, Dark Omen Records and Dingleberry Records, with one more non-European label to be added soon. The vinyl will be dropping in April, so stay tuned!



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Jarod Michael Grefrath

It’s the introduction text that always grabs me when I go to Cvlt to check out a band and unfortunately, most of the time I feel a bit cheated. I am waiting for Linda Blair to spit green vomit from the screen and most of the time I just get disappointed with the same blast beats and crust core that has been done twenty times before. I think for advertising, one should present the videos simply by genre and let the fans make their own opinions. I would accept Animal from the Muppets if that’s what was advertised but not… Read more »

Jarod Michael Grefrath

I have to be honest with you. 9 times out of 10 you say this record or that record is the gateway to hell, the filthiest of the filth, soul crushing or whatever. 9 times out of 10 it´s just plain old crust, hardcore or black/death that´s been done by a million bands all over. When something like Khanate comes back to the scene or just pure sick criminal shit like GG Allin or purely disturbing stuff like Hellhammer, just post the videos and let the people decide. Because honestly, this music does not make me feel like I am… Read more »

Niels Njl

Thanks man we do appreciate an honest opinion about our band. Unfortunately we won’t be tossing our shit on stage or pissing on people like good old GG but we’d rather be real and loud than playing with gimmicks and controversy.

I do understand that you’re waiting for bands like Khanate or Hellhammer to raise hell again but there’s more to explore than just that era or influences of underground music. Which I think Cvlt Nation do a pretty good job at by the way.