CVLT Nation Streaming SCOTT KELLY’s Push Me On To The Sun

It’s the life that humans live that should inspire their art, which will in turn inspire others. The voices of my favorite singers can tell so many stories just in the tone of their vocals. When an artist has the power to write words that not only resonate with the listener, but also act as aural paint so the artistic vision is even more vivid. The artist I’m referring to is Scott Kelly, and his new solo EP Push Me On To The Sun, which is out now via My Proud Mountain. This record is soul music at the highest level, meaning that Scott bares all of his emotion, and that is what makes the songs so powerful. The confidence that he unleashes in his songs make this some of the best happy music clothed in reality you might hear this year. When I hear him sing that he got his teeth kicked in on San Pablo Ave and had a gun put to his head, it’s not just about the violence, but also where he had put himself during that part of his life. When I listen to music like Push Me On To The Sun, I reflect on my own life, and this why it is so powerful! Listen to Push Me On To The Sun below



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