CVLT Nation Premiere: Streaming
CULT OF OCCULT “Misanthropic”

Right now I’m all fucked in the head for different reasons, so I need to hear music that sounds like how I feel! The new CULT OF OCCULT song “Misanthropic” from their soon to be released album Five Degrees of Insanity is the kind of fucked up sonic medicine I need to make my insane world sane again. CULT OF OCCULT’s monolithic LP will be released on October 15th on digipack CD via label Deadlight Entertainment…pre-order HERE! Stay tuned for the double vinyl by the evil VENDETTA in January MMXVI….Pre-order Five Degrees of Insanity cassette HERE! CVLT Nation is beyond stoked to be streaming “Misanthropic” below…

Art by Provoking Drama





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