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Bad to the Bone!
Portraits of Vintage Female Pro Wrestling

When I moved to Georgia as a youngster, I got turned on to wrestling and all of the characters that made up the sport. What I did not see a lot of at the time were women wrestlers. Don’t get it twisted – women have been brawling for decades. If you don’t believe me, check out all of these rad vintage photos of women wrestlers kicking ass. If you are living in the UK, there is a show up called WOMEN OF WRESTLING at the Doomed Gallery in Dalston.

5_Lillie_hurt Ann Casey chokes a blonde

Ann Casey spins Brenda Scott eaa9a9a0bb39e9fcc419c113c1373d10 Fabulous Moolah V Joan Collins  moolah-e-judy-grable-60s pDidnfW-WqoYxITtgVa8Vg Sherri Lee-womens wrestling tumblr_n5zvvrbfiH1r9h4tno1_500 tumblr_n5zvvrbfiH1r9h4tno2_1280 tumblr_n5zvvrbfiH1r9h4tno3_1280 tumblr_n5zvvrbfiH1r9h4tno4_1280 Women wrestling at Borleske Stadium, Jul 24 1957 (4)-1
Women_wrestling_Borleske_Stadium_Moolah_v_Hild_blonde_Jul_24_1957_3_Chi Chi Djaileb Jean Bouchet stamps on her foe Jean Bouchet v Princess Little Cloud Olga Martinez gets ready to slam her foejudy-grable-4

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